Are Cheekies Thongs?

If you’ve been shopping sexy panties for very long, then you’ve probably run across what are known as cheekies. They are aptly named so because they expose just the bottom of the cheeks. They offer less coverage than bikini or high-cut panties, but they offer a bit more than traditional G-string and V-string thongs. They are kind of like thongs with fabric filling in the gap before they go slightly up to rest bewteen the buttocks.

Are cheekies considered thongs, though? It’s a debate among the panty world. Some maintain that cheekies are a whole other category, while others insist that they are indeed a type of thong. A thong is simply a type of panty that is held in place by going slighty up the rear, and cheekies certainly do that. However, it could be argued that cheekies look more like a regular pair of panties than they do thongs — until you turn around that is. The fronts of cheekies offer way more coverage than the fronts of thongs, and when you turn around, they go up the cheeks just enough to show a generous amount of skin before hiding all the rest up to the panty line.

While it’s unclear exactly when the first cheeky panty came to be, thongs have been around since at least the early 1920s when they were worn at the World Fair in New York. The governer at the time made a decree that the dancers couldn’t be naked due to the women and children who would be in attendance at the fair, and the solution was pasties on the nipples and thongs that just barely covered their nudity. Thongs have definitely taken off since then until we have the many types that are on the market nowadays.

Whether you consider the cheeky a thong or not, one thing is sure, it is certainly as sexy as any sexy thong and earns its spot among the erotic thongs category

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