Gorgeous Lingerie and Peignoir for a Sophisticated Look

No intimates wardrobe is complete without a peignoir. These beautiful pieces truly complement just about any look you’re trying to achieve, and they are worn over erotic lingerie for a finished, sophisticated look. You can pick and choose from multiple colors, styles and lengths to have a gorgeous outfit that your partner won’t be able to resist. Knowing what type of lingerie to choose and how to wear it properly can make all the difference when building gorgeous outfits you’ll love to wear.

Knowing What Types of Pieces to Choose

There are many peignoir options available for you to choose from. This can sometimes make it confusing and daunting to know what you both want and need when building an intimates wardrobe. Some of these robes are more see-through, allowing you and your partner to see everything underneath while it’s being worn. Others are more opaque, which allows you to use the garment as a way to cover up when wearing nothing underneath or when you’re planning on using it as a coverup for walking around the house. It is completely up to your discretion when it comes to how to wear your lingerie and how you’d like it to be matched.

Caring for Your New Garments and Lingerie

Lingerie is definitely more delicate than many other types of clothing, so it is important that you take good care of what you’re purchasing so that you can be sure they last a long time. When it comes to your peignoir, the garment will more than likely have to be hand washed and hung out to dry. This is simply because washing the robe in a traditional washing machine and then drying it in a dryer can ruin the delicate fabric and make it unwearable for the future. It is important to read all care instructions on the label of the garment before cleaning it in any way.

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