The Modern Chemise

You’ve probably heard the term „chemise” before whether you realize exactly what it is or not. Chances are you’ve worn a chemise before too whether you realize it or not. While there are plenty of sexy chemises on the market that are specially designed to serve the function as sexy nighties, there are also other types of chemises out there as well that are simple and functional in nature while still being cute.

Traditionally, chemises were worn for a simple purpose: to protect clothing from skin. Back in the medieval and Victorian eras, people didn’t have the abundance of clothing that we do today, nor did they wash their clothing as frequently as we do nowadays. In an effort to protect their clothing from becoming dirtied by sweat and oil from the skin, they wore a chemise to serve as a barrier between the two. Even men wore chemises.

Nowadays, a chemise is simply a loose-fitting garment, and it is oftentimes also worn under clothes. When you wear a loose, sleeveless shirt underneath a T-shirt or blouse, you are, in fact, wearing a chemise. It is simply an article of clothing worn under other types of clothing for whatever reason.

Because chemises are generally loose and comfortable, many people sleep in them – . You can find shift-like chemises in pretty, sexy patterns all over the market. Some are very short and made like babydolls to give you more sex appeal while others are knee-length and designed for comfort while sleeping.

While most of today’s chemises are still worn as undergarments, you can also find some that are worn as outergarments. For instance, there are chemise-style dresses that are simply dresses in pretty patterns and made in a shift, or chemise, style. Some women might also wear a chemise with a pair of jeans for a simple look.

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