Tips For Men Buying Lingerie For Their Wife/Partner

If you’re a man surprising your wife or partner with some lingerie, kudos for going the extra mile to make your significant other feel sexy and special. While this is a kind gesture, you’ll completely miss the mark if you don’t know how to shop for lingerie. Whether you’re looking for crotchless panties or bralettes, here are some tips on how you can make the perfect selection for your beau.

Browse Her Lingerie Collection

Though this may seem invasive, looking through your partner’s lingerie collection will help you make an informed decision. Does she own a lot of thongs? Are there any teddies in the drawer? If you see that she doesn’t have a specific garment, it’s likely because she’s not keen on it. With that said, look for an item that she already owns.

Go A Size Up

If you’re unsure of what size she’ll fit in, go a size up. Nothing will destroy her confidence more than trying on a piece that’s too snug. If it’s your first time shopping for lingerie, consider going with small, medium, and large sizes. When you throw numbers into the mix, it becomes all the more confusing.

Play It Safe

Unless you’re a seasoned lingerie shopper, take it easy this time. While the crotchless underwear ( and edible panties may sound enticing, less is often more. Save your imaginative thinking for the bedroom. You can always revisit these ideas later on.

Opt For Something Soft

If you want your beau to don her lingerie all day long, go with a soft garment. Silk and cotton are ideal materials to look for. Not only will she feel comfortable in them, but it’ll also feel good on your skin when you’re cuddling. In other words, soft is always the way to go.

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