Types of Stockings

When most of us think of stockings, we think of sexy stockings like fishnets that are worn with miniskirts or thigh-highs that are sometimes worn underneath uniforms or pencil skirts. While these are definitely a couple of stocking styles that lead the market, there are other styles of stockings on the market as well.

Open-Toe Stockings

While this might seem to go against the grain of what traditional stockings are, there is something called the open-toe stocking. As the name implies, the toes of the stockings in shop obsessive are open to allow your toes some wiggle room. This type of stocking is perfect for those who don’t like the feeling of having their feet confined or who want to wear peekaboo kitten heels that show just a bit of the toe without that unsightly seam that would usually be seen in stockings.

Compression Stockings

Compression stockings are a type of stocking that actually have a medical purpose. Some people don’t get the proper blood flow to their legs, and compression stockings can help aid in that. That’s why there are so many women who buy maternity and compression stockings. They help ensure there’s enough pressure on the legs to keep everything functioning smoothly.

Printed Stockings

You might remember your mother dressing you up in cute stockings with patterns on them when you were little. For instance, you might have had a white pair of stockings with green Christmas trees printed on them for Christmas time. If you think that printed stockings are only for little girls, think again. There are tons of printed stockings out there for women as well, and they can be used to spice up a bland outfit. If prints aren’t really your thing, you can also select from various solid colors of stockings in different types of opaqueness and transparencies.

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